Cape Town Adventures

Cape Town is known for having beautiful places to visit but we also love adventure! We have tons of activities to do for all ages, beginners or pro’s.

Our adventures are definitely not for the faint of heart. We have a variety of land,ocean and sky adventures that will suit all your needs. All our adventures come with a safety introduction and skilled professionals to assist you at all times. Regardless of your skill level you will be able to do all our adventures as well as participate in all activities.

Our adventures are fully covered in terms of transport, equipment and safety precautions. We make sure that your experience is adrenaline filled and that the memories you make are lasting.

Our land adventure is quad biking this is offered in various locations with different scenic routes to ride at. You can choose to do a safari on quad bike or go a bit more extreme and quad bike over and through sand dunes.

The water adventures consist of shark cage diving with great white sharks. Cape Town has the highest population of great whites on earth, so this is truly an experience unique to Cape Town. The second adventure is seal snorkeling, which happens to be the reason for the high population of great whites. This well balanced ecosystem is very important to us. So while your having fun we also like to emphasise the importance of conserving these species. We also offer surf and kitesurfing lessons at the best beaches in Cape Town.

Finally our sky adventures. Cape Town’s amazing weather makes it ideal for Paragliding and  for that reason this activity is available almost all year round. For something a little more extreme we also offer skydiving, and you can get your whole experience recorded as well.

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