Cape Town Night Life Tours

The Cape Town Nightlife Tour is a unique experience exclusive to Wanderer. This tour takes you around Cape Towns most popular clubbing hubs, from Long street to kloof street, bree street and Camps Bay. To ensure you have the best possible experience each nightlife itinerary is put together special for you and/or your group along with one of our experienced guides.

The tour includes your choice of vehicle and which clubs you would like to visit, we will give you all the details needed to ensure you can make an educated decision, we then inform the clubs of your arrival time and they will have a table with drinks ready on your arrival, another benefit of the Wanderer nightlife tour is that there’s no queuing  at the clubs and each group gets their own personal qualified body guard to ensure your safety throughout the evening.

Our objective here is to show you all the clubbing areas in a safe and protected environment with VIP service throughout. Your vehicle choices range from Chevrolet Impala’s to convertible bmws, limo’s and Rolls Royce’s. If you really looking to explore Cape Towns night life this tour is the only way to do it.

Give us a call or drop us a mail to find out more or book your tour.

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