Shark Cage Diving

Shark cage diving

Cape Town is one of the world's leading Shark Cage Diving destinations. The Cape coastline has the highest population of Great Whites on earth due to the ample amount of Cape fur seals that naturally reside in the region.

We would love to have this incredible species with us for generations to come, so when we are out on the water our goal is to educate you about these animals and encourage their conservation.

Join us on an exciting discovery of the ocean’s apex predator, an adventure truly unique to Cape Town.

Seal snorkeling

Duikers Island in the Hout Bay area is home to over 15 000 Cape fur seals. Wanderer offers an opportunity to swim and interact with these amazing animals.

These seals are famously playful. Most commonly they live in large colonies, along the coast of South Africa and Namibia. Males are usually larger than females and mating season is summer. In South Africa that is November and December

So come swim with seals, and along the way learn about our furry friends.

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