Skydiving & Paragliding


Skydiving in Cape Town has to be one of the most thrilling experience in the world, and possibly in your life.

Skydiving has to be the ultimate adrenaline sport, just listen to this; Jumping out of a plane at 11 000 ft at 200 km per hour and free falling for a solid 20-30 seconds. All the while enjoying an aerial view of Cape Town.

Now if that doesn’t kick your inner adrenaline junky into high gear I don’t know what will!

You can also get your whole experience captured on camera, an additional charge will be asked.



What better way to see Cape Town from a bird's eye view than to paraglide your way through the mountains, over the city and onto the beach.

Our job is to fly you safely while you enjoy the scenic views that our beautiful city has to offer. You can have full confidence in our experienced pilots, they will take you on a magical ride that you will never forget

Please also note that this activity is reliant on the weather, but we do however fly 200 days in a year.

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