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Firstly before considering anf hopefully booking this tour we found over the years people have a huge reservation when it comes to doing township tours as they feel its not right going into these areas to take pictures of the unfortunate less privileged. I must assure you that the townships people as well as the City of Cape Town very much support this and so do we as it brings a lot of awareness and much need cash flow into the area.

We only use local guides from these areas for these tours and this ensures a real authentic and educational experience in the townships of Cape Town

The Cape Flats, the low-lying, sandy region connecting the Cape Peninsula with the African continent, is where the majority of Cape Town’s nearly 4 million population live. Many of them in poor, underdeveloped or informal settlements, known as townships. Though living conditions in the townships are often difficult, they are home to vibrant communities with rich cultures and thriving businesses.

Wanderer’s Cape Town Township Tours take visitors on a guided visit to these lesser known but no- less exciting parts of Cape Town. Most of the experience is spent in Langa which is South Africas
oldest township.

This eye-opening experience will introduce you to the unique rhythm of township life, which is likely to be very different from anything you have ever experienced before. Visitors get to speak with locals, enjoy their food, music, arts and crafts, and a glimpse of what daily life is really like for most South Africans.

Contact us for more information and rest assured this trip is very safe.

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