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A traditional beer house, also known as a pub or public house, is an establishment that provides alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the premises

. These establishments were originally established in Britain and areas of British influence

. The English common law early imposed social responsibilities for the well-being of travelers upon the inns and taverns, declaring them to be public houses which must receive all travelers in reasonable condition who were willing to pay the price for food, drink, and lodging

. Public houses were considered socially superior to alehouses, beerhouses, and ginshops

. The early inns or taverns were identified by simple signs, such as lions, dolphins, or black swans

. Many existing public houses were redeveloped in the mid-19th century, borrowing features from other building types and gradually developing the characteristics which make pubs instantly recognizable institutions that exist today

. The Beerhouse Act of 1830 resulted in a proliferation of beerhouses, which were a new type of establishment that served beer

. Traditional drinks served in pubs include draught beer and cider


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