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Township Tour Cape Town

All our day tours are private guided tours in luxury vehicles

Wanderer’s Cape Town Township Tour takes visitors on a guided visit to the lesser known but no- less exciting parts of Cape Town.

The Cape Flats, the low-lying, sandy region connecting the Cape Peninsula with the African continent, this is where the majority of Cape Town’s nearly 4 million population live. Many of them in poor, underdeveloped or informal settlements, known as townships. Though living conditions in the townships are often difficult, they are home to vibrant communities with rich cultures and thriving businesses.

This eye-opening experience will introduce you to the unique rhythm of township life, which is likely to be very different from anything you have ever experienced before. When we enter the township you are joined by a local resident guide from the area to ensure your tour is both an authentic and educational experience. You get to speak with the locals, enjoy their food, music, arts and crafts and even get to visit a hostel and spend some time at one of their homes



Your Cape Town Township tour starts with a visit to the long march to freedom. This is a growing collection of currently 100 life size bronze statues starting with rebel leaders and freedom fighters from the 1700’s and ending with Nelson Mandela representing the democracy of South Africa. This is the largest collection of its kind in the world and you get to view it against the breath-taking backdrop of Table Mountain.

We then take a drive past the next highlight which is the township of Khaylelitsha, which is South Africa’s largest and fastest growing township. After our drive past Khayelitsha and a few other townships we spend a few hours exploring South Africa’s oldest township Langa.

In Langa you get the opportunity to visit the arts and crafts centre, try the local beer and mingle with the residents. If this isn’t enough we also visit a local hostel and really get to know one of the locals over a cup of tea at their home.

The perfect addition to this day is the Robben Island tour. This optional extra which comes at only the cost of the Tour which is R600 then becomes our final leg where we take a boat trip over to explore the famous Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and many other political prisoners we housed.


The Township tour has got to be our most highly recommended of the lot for so many reasons. The only unfortunate part is that over the years we have found some tourists with huge reservations regarding the township tour due to a very misguided moral standing regarding what the tour is about. I must assure you that the townships people and the City of Cape Town very much support and encourage this tour as it brings a lot of awareness and much needed cash flow into these lower income areas.

Township Tour Price Per person


Township Tour Add-On

Khayelitsha (Cape Town Largest Township) R500
Local lunch (2 drinks included) R350 per person

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